Monday, March 31, 2014

Going on Vacation? Why Professional Pet Sitting Services are the Best Choice!

Summer is just around the corner.  After the brutal winter we just endured, it is a pretty safe bet that you are already making plans for that summer getaway; but what plans do you have in place for your pets?

Certainly your four-legged family member would rather go on vacation with you; unfortunately, there are times when that just isn't possible.

The more typical options are:
  • Boarding Your Pet
  • Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

Boarding Your Pet

If your pet is friendly and social, and was introduced to a kennel environment at a young age, boarding may be a good choice.

  • You don't have individual(s) you don't know coming into your home.
  • Socialization, your dog will have the opportunity to play with and interact with other dogs.
  • Your pet will be cared for by trained individuals.
  • Not all kennels are created equally; do your research and find one with a good reputation.
  • A kennel stay is very stressful to most pets, which can cause the pet to experience diarrhea.
  • Many animals will not eat when they are in the kennel, due to stress.
  • Exposure to various diseases/illnesses.
  • Drop-off and pick-up times can be very inconvenient.
  • There may not be 24 hour care.
  • Your pet will be crated for possibly long periods of time.

Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

  • Your pet stays in the comfort of his/her own home, in the surroundings they are most familiar, eliminating the trauma of travel.
  • Your pet experiences less stress, and is not exposed to diseases, illnesses and parasites.
  • Pets are kept on their regular routine; meals, walks and playtime.
  • The pet receives one-on-one love and personal attention during your absence.
  • Your home is also cared for, and provided with a level of home security; mail is taken in, newspapers picked up, plants are watered, blinds are opened/closed, and lighting is adjusted.
  • Daily progress reports detailing each visit or stay.
  • Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors.
  • Allowing a person you don't know into your home; be sure to do your research and find a pet sitter with a good reputation.  Ensure they are bonded, insured and have first aid training.  Ask for references.
  • Your pet is left alone most of the day; if your pet is used to be alone during your working hours, then this won't be much of an issue.  If he/she is not used to being left alone, consider sleepover services.

Wiggles n Wags Pet Services

If you live in the following areas of Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, and are in need of pet sitting services, you should consider our friends, Wiggles n Wags Pet Services, based in Chalfont, PA.

The owner, Penny Lyons, is passionate about animals, and understands the special bond between people and pets, and that unconditional love that is shared between them. 

Wiggles n Wags Pet Services consists of a staff of 6 professionally trained sitters that insures dependability and reliability.

Wiggles n Wags Pet Services is bonded and insured, is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). and Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Best of all, their client testimonials are just glowing!

Contact Information
Penny Lyons
Phone: 215-896-7250

Areas of Service
  • Chalfont
  • Doylestown
  • Lansdale
  • North Wales
  • Perkasie
  • Sellersville
  • Souderton
  • Telford
  • Colmar
  • New Britain
  • Gwynedd Valley
  • Horsham
  • Warrington
  • Montgomery Township
  • Hatfield
This is not an all-inclusive list, please call to see if you are in the service area.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cancer - A Perspective, by Steve Katz, Canine Cancer Research "Forty Percent of All Dogs Get Cancer"

Cancer - A Perspective
Steve Katz, President/Founder
CANINE Cancer Research USA 501(c)(3)

“Cancer is a man‐made disease”, is a phrase I have read a few times and do not disagree with.

Every day we contend with invisible environmental toxins, processed foods made to increase profits, not nutrition, chlorine and fluoride in our water supply, artificial sweeteners made from chemicals and of course genetics that determine much of who and what we are.

The deck is stacked against us and it’s up to us to make informed decisions not because of a clinical trial but because it’s the healthy thing to do, the way nature wanted it to be.
Cancer in people and cancer in animals is the same disease; an uncontrolled growth of cells. Many health experts agree well over half of all cancer is preventable via diet and nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. But again, the deck is stacked against us. So what are we supposed to do?

Knowledge is power and the more we know best demonstrated practices how to prevent cancer, (as best as possible) we can greatly improve the odds.

Nutrition is where it all begins, to strengthen the immune system to defend against invaders.

Eating and drinking foods loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients increases natural killer cell activity in the body. (Our best line of defense) People and animals predisposed to various health conditions can often be reversed through the right nutrition and supplementation. The same holds true with toxins in the air/water.

Since President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, we still continue with the same answers, a cure rate of about 5%.

Make no mistake; our pets are at greater risk than we are. Forty percent of all dogs get cancer. Commercial kibble is loaded with byproducts linked to cancer and kidney failure, carbohydrates linked to diabetes and the process to make kibble heats the stuff over 500 degrees, cooking out most of the nutrients!

AAFCO, the body that determines what pet food manufacturers are allowed to put in pet food, have no responsibility for the safety of what they recommend. If a mfg. wants to make a change, they are required to do a trial for 6 months and prove its’ worth. (at their own expense and they don’t want to do that)

Over vaccination (Vaccinosis) in pets; Undesired biologic events can occur including compromising the pets immunity, mainly due to heavy metals in the vaccine. Best practice to avoid this is a blood test (titer) prior to vaccination to determine if the pet needs it.

Like Vaccinosis, topical flea/tick products can produce undesired biologic events due to pesticides entering the bloodstream.

In today’s world many natural/organic preventatives are available that have no effect on the immunity however provide desired results in keeping pests away.
In conclusion, clearly our pets are at greater risk to cancer and other diseases than we are. Being pro‐active as their caregivers is the best solution. For more information visit

Note: This document cannot be altered in any regard or used without consent of the author.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Free Rabies and Low-Cost Veterinary Care Clinic - Trevose, PA

CATS Bridge to Rescue, a no-kill cat shelter located in Trevose, PA, will be hosting its first FREE rabies and low-cost veterinary clinic for cats and dogs.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Please call Judy at 215-554-9214 for an appointment.
Rain/Snow Date: Saturday, March 22, 2014

2820 Old Lincoln Highway, Suite 4
Trevose, PA
(Located at the back of the complex)

Donations for the rabies tag and paperwork are greatly appreciated, and will go directly to the care of the cats and kittens at the shelter.